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Cruz whups / edges Benavidez, depending on who you ask

Ever the stupid-face party pooper, Dominick Cruz pulled off another decision win over Joseph Benavidez at last night’s WEC event. The judges scored the fight a split decision, which nicely reflects the fact that both guys beat the crap out of eachother for five rounds and the fight could have gone either way. I gave the first three rounds to Benavidez, but let me just preface that by saying I was also drunk on girly drinks and cheering for him / against Cruz. There’s also the excuse that nearly every round could be described as a coin tosser when viewed with mortal eyes. But when jammed into Fightmetric’s cold robotic calculating orifice, things seem to favor Cruz a lot more: they give him all five rounds. And it doesn’t even factor in Cruz’s fly tae-bo dance stylings.

So the results are pretty much the same as the first time around: Benavidez is good, but just not good enough to beat Dominick Cruz. In fact, I’d hazard to say anyone who can’t knock Cruz our or submit him is going to face the indignity of getting out-danced, out-fwapped, and taken down at the end of rounds for good measure. Then again, maybe you could argue that Cruz is lucky Joseph Benavidez is so freaking tiny compared to him. Scott ‘The Dude with the Skin Issue’ Jorgensen, who’s OMGWOW fight earlier on in the broadcast made the main war seem almost dull in comparison, is going to be the next challenger for the Bantamweight belt, and I look forward to seeing him lose to Cruz sometime in November or December.