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Crumble vs Coward

The UFC on Versus card is amazingly sweet, and that’s even after injuries fucked up a few of the fights. The event was originally supposed to feature Clay Guida vs Sean Sherk, but Sherk pulled out with a mystery injury and now Guida is fighting Shannon Gugerty (whoever that chick is).

Also on the card was Anthony Johnson vs John Howard, which was interesting mainly because those two dudes hate the shit out of eachother. But Rumble blew out his knee and is now off for who knows how long. But being off the card hasn’t stopped the war from escalating. While Howard has taken to calling him Anthony ‘Crumble’ Johnson, he’s come back and dubbed his nemesis John ‘Coward’ Howard. More on the feud from Cofield:

“I promise you we’re gonna fight no matter what. We will fight. Can I say when? No. When my knee is fixed and 100 percent. Oh hell yeah.”

If you think the nastiness is phony, Johnson said that’s ridiculous. The fighters don’t like each other and he confirmed Howard’s story that they almost got into it outside the UFC office at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas before UFC 109.

“When I was walking out. He was sitting there staring at me. Was it there, that one of us could’ve snapped at any second, and just punched one another? Oh yeah. it could’ve happened any second. Just one word, I knew it would’ve happened [but] we’re professionals and we know when to do it.”