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The Crow misses UFC shot over gangster allegations

I don’t know how David L’Oiseau managed to get another shot in the UFC after performing about as well as a grappling dummy the last time he got another shot. But when prelim fighter Nick Catone hurt his back and had to pull off UFC 113, L’Oiseau – a Montreal local – got the call. Unfortunately, Quebec’s athletic commission has refused to license him:

Sources tell me that Loiseau is on some sort of invisible suspension list, stemming back to when he sold his previous MMA promotion, “XMMA”. He had apparently decided that his fighting career should be his priority and walked away after the sale. When it was all said and done, those who took over the organization were allegedly involved with organized crime.

Loiseau has maintained that once he left the company, he was unaware of what the organization began doing and that he was no longer a decision maker for XMMA. In essence, what they did was their business – he was focusing on returning to the UFC.

But although only one party was charged after the organization folded, many of those who fought, worked or were literally around XMMA, have felt the brunt of the QAC’s iron-fisted approach to doing business.

Fighters were questioned about their involvement, with many apparently being threatened that they would never be licensed again if they didn’t “answer questions”.

I’ve mentioned in the past that organized crime is kinda a big deal in Canada and especially in Quebec. The ‘one party’ from XMMA that was arrested was actually the president of the organization and he went down for money laundering, drug distribution, and cigarette smuggling. I don’t want to make any assumptions regarding who was involved in shady business surrounding XMMA and who wasn’t, but it was generally well known that one of the Quebec crime gangs was involved somehow. But then again, if you’re dealing with anything related to nightlife in Quebec, one of the gangs will usually be involved somehow.

I’m not going to say it’s fair, but the reality in Quebec is if The Man thinks you’re associated with organized crime then you’re gonna get harassed like this and there’s not too much you can do about it. Before my days as a super rich and successful blogger, I was a super rich and successful rave promoter. Well, I was until every single city service and department simultaneously started sending me warnings that they’d throw the book at me if I ever organized another event. 5000+ dollar fine for littering if they found any flyers or posters on the street. Loss of zoning and/or liquor license for any venue that rented to us. Impounding of sound equipment and even the impounding of any vehicles around the event (they had already impounded my car once before too). Considering all I got out of events was ‘the nod’ and some PLUR, I took the hint and shut things down.

The lesson: Quebec doesn’t fuck around when it comes to stuff like this. There’s a whole bunch of shit you can blame on the Quebec athletic commission being totally incompetent and stupid, since they are … boy are they ever. But as far as they’re concerned in this case, they know exactly what they’re doing.

PS – Small silver lining: Jason MacDonald ended up filling that empty slot, which is great because he shouldn’t have been cut in the first place.

PPS – UPDATE! L’Oiseau finally got the commission to grant him a license, but the damage was done and he’s still off the Montreal card. On the plus side, the UFC is still going to give him a fight sooner or later.