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Crosby is in trouble … but not for shitty judging

There seems to be some fallout regarding judge Douglas Crosby’s internet forum troll job following UFC 112, where he gave Frankie Edgar the decision over BJ Penn with a redonkulous 50-45 score. Zach over at Fight Opinion has a quote from his holiness Dave Meltzer’s radio show:

“Doug Crosby’s in a lot of trouble right now because apparently Doug Crosby went on the Internet and was trolling people on the Internet, you know, and making fun of them and all this, you know as far as they’re ripping on him and he’s making fun of them and that is conduct unbecoming a judge and I know several of the commissions called him and then UFC called him as well and they told him to, you know, do not be, you know… GET OFF THE INTERNET and there’s a lot of commissions right now very upset about judges on the Internet.”

“I think that they were very mad at Cecil Peoples when he made that stupid leg kick thing after the Shogun Rua fight with Machida and you know so I think that there’s going to be, you know, one of the new rules judging unofficial rule is like you can’t do 10-10s even though you’re allowed to but everyone knows you really can’t and is that you cannot go out there and troll people on the Internet after you know things, I mean… I don’t see anything wrong with a judge going out there and explaining, unless he’s a fricking moron and explain like well, leg kicks don’t count, well that’s… then he probably shouldn’t be judging, honestly, but I don’t see anything wrong with a judge explaining but a judge should absolutely not be out there making fun of people.”

First off, isn’t it oh so wonderful that 10-10 rounds are informally verboten? What’s a judge supposed to do when a round is even … flip a coin? Second, it’s also great that the criticism is focused not around Douglas Crosby’s poor judging but the fact that he went onto an internet forum and fucked with the fans. Don’t get me wrong … that’s stupid too. But we’ve all seen numerous whack scores slide under the radar without a peep. Bad judging doesn’t seem to be an issue worthy of discussion. Crosby had to pour gas all over the situation before it became a problem, and even then it’s only the gas pouring he’s getting in trouble for.

It’s worth noting that the internet isn’t only for trolling. Marc Goddard, the ref who stood Dos Anjos / Etim up over ‘elbows’ to the spine, shows that you can use it as a form of communication to explain your actions, apologize for any confusion, and show an appreciation for the sport, your fans, and your job.