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Crocop’s has a new opponent. Plus, Elvis has left the building

There’s been two last second changes to the UFC 110 card. Don’t worry, none of the guys you really care about have been struck down. But Ben Rothwell is out due to some kind of sickness, and replacing him against Mirko Crocop is Australian fighter Anthony Perosh. Perosh is a UFC vet from back in 2006 – he got pasted by Jeff Monson at UFC 61 and then lost a decision against the very mediocre Christian Wellish. Since then he’s gone 5-2 on Australian cards with one of the losses being to one of the other Australianish fighters, James Te Huna (who’s really a kiwi).

This is good news for Crocop, who we all know is powered by sub-par competition like the Transformers are powered by energon cubes. Even at the edge of career death like Crocop is, he should chew this dude up and spit him out. On the flip side of this situation though, him fucking this up would be a billion times worse than blowing the Rothwell fight. Oh well. This will most likely be a nice confidence boost fight for Mirko, and if he can’t hack it things were not meant to be regardless.

Also off the card: Aussie favorite Elvis Sinosic, who apparently injured his shoulder. Since his opponent Chris ‘Chin in Eye’ Haseman was basically only on the card so Elvis could have a chance at avenging his loss, that fight has been scrapped completely. I’m sure next time the UFC comes to Australia though, they’ll rebook it. It better be soon though … Haseman is already 40 years old.