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Crocop’s been cleared


After initially hearing that the UFC was basically going to keep Crocop
tucked away from the Indiana commission until Friday so his eye had more time to not be horribly injured, no one was very hot on the idea of him still fighting. But this might have been another case of us MMA bloggers being weepy pussies, because…

Indiana State Athletic Commission Director Andy Means said Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic has already been examined and initially cleared by a commission-approved physician for his headlining bout against Frank Mir at UFC 119 Saturday at the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Ind.

“The UFC informed me this afternoon that Cro Cop saw the ophthalmologist today in Indianapolis and that he was cleared to fight. I anticipate seeing the results soon but all indications are that this is a non-issue,” wrote Means in an email to on Monday. “He will just have to undergo the same pre-fight physical as the other 21 fighters this weekend before the event.“

Sure, it’s still kinda wacky that this Means guy hasn’t bothered to get a peek and is still getting HIS news from the UFC on what’s happening, but I guess even then he’s more in the know than we are. For all we know, Crocop’s eyeball could be hanging out his head by a vein like something from a cheapo horror house. Or he could just need some Visine. There might be a few degrees inbetween too, I think.