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Crocop to show his grappling chops at DREAM.4

Crocop is returning to the ring at DREAM.4, but don’t expect to see him kick the head off another tomato can. Instead, he’ll be facing off against Ralek Gracie (touted by many along with Roger as the next generation of ass-kicking Gracies)   in a grappling match with no points:

The fight will be taking place under modified Abu Dhabi rules: two five-minute rounds with no point system. The only way to win will be via submission. Should the fight go the distance, it will be declared an automatic draw. CroCop was originally scheduled to face Jerome LeBanner on DREAM 4 but that is off for the time being.

Mirko told Nokaut that while would prefer a grappling match with a points system, as he would have an improved chance to win using throws and takedowns, he still is looking forward to testing his ground game against top competition and is looking forward to the match.

In other news, the Japanese fight scene still makes no sense whatsoever, so stop trying to understand or predict what will happen. This is the second time in six months that Mirko has been booked by his retard agent Ken Imaii for a completely retarded sideshow, with the first being his appearance on New Years Eve at a Hustle pro-wrestling bout. Lets cross our fingers and hope that sooner or later CroCop gets to fight some of that MMA shit, and against a decent opponent too? Or is that too much to expect nowadays?

  • Cro Cop is the next Royce Gracie for the simple fact that he used to train bjj with Werdum.

  • i’m going to call the evil robots which will soon be gunning us down “raleks”

  • godzillad says:

    This is an MMA fight,but they won’t let Ralek know until he sees Crocop coming out with gloves on.

  • Houston "Glass Jaw" Alexander says:

    Is it possible that LeBanner had to postpone the fight until DREAM.5 or something and so rather than pull Crocop from the card entirely (to the dismay of myself and all other Crocop fans), they decided to give him a grappling match where there won’t be any risk of KO or serious injury (requiring medical suspension or recovery time) which could make him unable to fight a few weeks after in DREAM.5? Just a thought….I’d certainly rather see the LeBanner fight, I hope that still happens.

  • FRANKIE says:

    That’s definitely possible, in fact it’s rumored, but who the hell knows? I’ve stopped expecting any sort of advance warning about Japanese cards.

  • DannyP72 says:

    Calling it now, CroCop via rolling heel hook

  • Cro Cop via gogoplata

  • wrinkle says:

    I think Mirko just wants to build himself back up, and see’s this as a way to redeem his ground game a bit after the Gonzaga beating.

  • Michael says:

    This is purely at fight for the Japanese fans. They will have interest in this match. The only reason this is happen is to draw in more fans to Dream. Dream does not need to be focusing on the foreign market yet. They need to get it right in their own country first.

  • Houston "Glass Jaw" Alexander says:

    @wrinkle: Mirko didn’t lose against Gonzaga because of anything to do with anyone’s ground game, so I don’t think that has anything to do with it.

  • Jackie Chiles says:

    You must have then missed Gonzaga taking him down, elbowing him until he couldn’t see straight, Mirko not scrambling or attempting sweeps, and then kicking his head off.

  • Why should we watch this douche do the thing he isnt good at?
    Shouldnt he be kicking people in the head and getting the shit beaten out of him instead?

    THe only thing more stupid than that nazi goose stepping anti-semitic piece of shit grappling is if Kimbo was doing it.

    At least, he wont get KTFO.