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Crocop signs with DREAM, Dana slightly pissed about it

Remember that verbal agreement Dana White made with Mirko Crocop? Well, it looks like it was worth the paper it was written on if you know what I mean. Just hours after defeating Mostafa Al-Turk in semi-impressive fashion (as impressive as beating a can with an eye poke can be, and I mean that in a strangely sincere way), Mirko told Dana White that he had signed a three fight deal with DREAM. Dana, who had agreed to a one fight deal as a lead in for a two fight follow up, was less than impressed:

“Isn’t that a dirty fucking thing to do?” White asked rhetorically after being queried about Filipovic’s deal with DREAM. “He fucked me. The first time in the history of the company I do one over the phone. He promised me a three-fight deal and he fucked me.”

“He didn’t keep his word,” White said, who said he’d had a two-hour talk with Filipovic on the day “Cro Cop” texted and asked to be able to return. “He talked about honor and all this other shit and he fucked me.

“He fed me this bull shit about wanting to take a run for the title, and what I think he did was, he went out and did this. He turned down every other fucking fighter I offered him, because I needed him to fight Cain. He didn’t just poke Al-Turk; he poked me, too.”

The funny thing about this is that Dana just seems to keep getting fucked over by this strange nebulous group of PRIDE-related assholes. 364 days of the year, he keeps his poker face on and refuses to cut anyone any slack. But one day a year his inner PRIDE mark re-appears and he ends up cutting a deal that results in him getting fucked over. And people wonder why he’s not willing to co-promote or bend any rules. Because every time he does, he ends up like Charlie Brown trying to kick that damn football.

As for Mirko, I have no idea what he’s doing and at this point I am very close to not caring. Betraying the UFC doesn’t bother me all that much … Dana has done enough dickish things that it’s kinda refreshing to see him get clowned. But I’m just sick and tired of waiting for Mirko to get back into some kind of title picture that matters. DREAM’s heavyweight division isn’t a joke, but the way it’s booked is. With the UFC we were set to see Crocop vs Nog and Couture. With DREAM, who fucking knows? He could be fighting a dude dressed as a giant chili pepper. So that’s why I’m not too happy about this bullshit.