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Crocop says so long and thanks for the 85k sub bonus

And here I was thinking he only pulled this kinda crap after losing:

Mirko ‘CroCop’ Filipovic has again talked of retiring from fighting following his win over Pat Barry at UFC 115 on Saturday night. Whilst not a vintage ‘CroCop’ performance it was at times the closest he has come to replicating his PRIDE FC style in the UFC and Filipovic apparently feels it is right to bow out on a high note.

“In addition to winning the Pride Grand Prix Finals, it’s my favorite fight of my career [but] most of the training proved to me that I am now too old for this…I don’t know about a new contract with the UFC. I believe that I gave this game a lot, I fought with the greatest fighters,” he told Croatian news site Jutarnji

“For 20 years I lived this life and now I have no motivation for the fight, no mental strength for all the Spartan training. I am no longer so hungry for victory. I will not stop training, but if I am asleep I’ll stay in bed and practice an hour later.”

Filipovic said he may now hit the seminar circuit and share his skills and MMA knowledge with fans and fighters around the world. “I have some contacts around the seminar circuit in the U.S., Australia, Europe and even Brazil,” he said.

I thought he might announce his retirement in the cage at UFC 115, considering Pat Barry knocked him on his ass twice and had him retreating for a while before the fight degenerated into a literal hug-fest. While Crocop’s latest fight was closer to his PRIDE days in that he threw a lot more kicks, he still didn’t manage to crush Barry like he did Perosh or Al-Turk. And when you start having serious problems with competition like Barry … well, it’s probably best you don’t fight guys like Cain Velasquez and Shane Carwin.

But if you’re a fan feebly holding on to the hope that there still might be a little more juice in the checkered gas tank of Mirko’s career, keep in mind that he talks about retirement more than Danny Glover from Lethal Weapon. And another article from Fighters Only raises the possibility that he might just take special fights from time to time that would keep him out of the path of the various behemoths currently ruling the top of the heavyweight class:

If he does decide to continue fighting it is likely to be as a marquee draw where he will engage in matches with rather than any title run or division standing implications. A heavyweight fight with Randy Couture would be an option, for example, whereas a meeting with rising contender Cain Velasquez would not.

(pic via MMA Fighting’s UFC 115 gallery)