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CroCop says he’s fighting at DREAM.6, but we’ve all heard that one before

Apparently Mirko Crocop will now be fighting at DREAM.6, which would be more exciting news if we hadn’t already been saying he was going to fight at DREAM 4, and 5 as well. His opponent? Not confirmed yet but everyone’s flapping their gums about Alistair Overeem, who has been quite vocal re: the fact that Mirko’s agent pussed out on letting the two fight back at DREAM.1.

Of course Mirko denies turning down the fight, but if it’s your management turning down fights you’re just as guilty by proxy. Take that fact to heart, Fedor and KJ Noons. So now we have to wait and see if the stars align and DREAM actually manages to book this fight. Bloody Elbow gushed that this would be ‘the biggest heavyweight fight in Japan since PRIDE’, which is pretty sad considering CroCop is ranked 9th and Overeem 16th.

Lots of people are considering this a done deal, but you’re not thinking like a Japanese fight promoter. If you want some perspective on how they think, smash yourself in the face with a hammer several times and then stick your dick in a power socket. If you have no penis you can gyrate your genitals up against the outlet and get the same effect eventually (we’re committed to making Fightlinker an equal gendered website) . Suddenly feeling the temptation to book CroCop against Akiyama instead? Yeah, now you’re thinking Japanese.