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Crocop gave Perosh ‘consideration’

Mirko Crocop has come out and admitted that he ‘took it easy’ on Anthony Perosh at UFC 110 … although honestly you’d figure a harder push right at the start and a finish via ground and pound would have been more humane than the 10 minutes of smacking a bitch up he delivered instead. From Fighters Only:

“I admire Perosh for accepting the fight. There were much better fighters there who turned it down but I understand why; they did not have time to prepare. [But] I am very sorry that I had to hurt Perosh. I tried to fight with as much consideration for him as I could. I even avoided the ground because I am 7, 8 kilos heavier than he is.

Filipovic added that UFC president Dana White had questioned why he did not finish Perosh off. “I just couldn’t do that to him when he was so bloody,” he said. The comments are unsurprising given that Filipovic is generally one of the most sporting fighters in the mixed martial arts game (although PRIDE victim Dos Caras Jr. might disagree). Also, he and Perosh know each other well; Perosh is of Croatian heritage and has trained Filipovic’s team mates in the past.

This was a big Croation get together – Elvis Sinosic also has Croat roots. Unfortunately for all of them, Perosh looked about as awful as he could (on the plus side, he was in shape), Mirko’s been getting shit on for holding back, and Elvis didn’t even end up fighting due to a shoulder injury. Perhaps they should have all gotten together to shed some tears in their beers. On the plus side, Perosh landed himself another fight or four with the UFC … although that might just mean he’s earned himself another decent paying ass whupping before getting cut.