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Crocop Final Fight is probably not Crocop’s final fight

After a heady weekend that saw two major league MMA events go down, we’re now into a 6 week stretch where the main offerings involve TUF and Bellator. It’s not that bad: TUF kicks off with a live house eliminator and Bellator is looking so kewl I might actually watch it this season. Plus you’ve got smaller events around the world if you’re really itchin for a fix. Events like Crocop Final Fight, which does it’s best to convince you THIS IS CROCOP’S FINAL FIGHT!

Except it isn’t. Final Fight is just the name of the promotion! And just ignore that ‘one last fight’ thing on the poster. Or the video saying ‘With every great story there must come an ending!’ Or ‘The last chapter will be written!’ Or ‘Crocop is looking to close the last chapter on his illustrious career!’

Nope, none of that is meant to trick you into thinking this is the last time Crocop will fight. Then again, considering his history of retiring after every bad performance, I’d say there’s still a 50/50 chance it could be Mirko’s final fight. And I guess in Croatia, that’s good enough to get around false advertising.

You US peeps can catch the event on FightNowTV. Us Canadians apparently get it on the Fight Network! Everyone else can get it via UStream PPV.