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Crocop cuts down Choi

With all the rumors floating around that Mirko Crocop would be returning to the UFC if he won against Hong Man Choi, I had my fingers crossed that Old Mirko would be making an appearance tonight. New Mirko has been depressing me a lot lately … like a high school friend who’s become a drug addict. Every time you see him, you can’t help but think how far he’s fallen.

Well, tonight’s performance wasn’t flashy, but it was effective. Mirko did laps around Choi to the point where I was getting dizzy watching the fight. The whole time he peppered Choi’s legs with kicks until 6:15 into the first round when a solid shot to the knee sent Choi crashing to the canvas in obvious pain. The ref stepped in immediately to stop the fight and just like that Mirko has another win under his belt.

You can’t really read too much into this win … it’s a testament to how bad Mirko has looked lately that people thought this fight was actually competitive on paper. Still, he came in with a clear game plan of annihilating Choi’s legs and carried it out effectively, so there’s that for him. Now I guess we need to see what’s next: the UFC or the knee surgery he’s been talking about for several months now.