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Crocop crushers collide at UFC 108

Gabriel Gonzaga and Junior dos Santos will soon try to climb over each other’s corpses for a shot at the champ:

Heavyweights Junior Dos Santos and Gabriel Gonzaga are expected to meet at UFC 108 on Jan. 2 in Las Vegas.

Multiple sources on Monday told that the fight has been agreed to and contracts are expected to be signed shortly. was first to report the pairing on Sunday. The bout has yet to be officially announced by the UFC.

Sources tell that the match-up is expected to groom the next contender for the heavyweight title.

Man, tough fight for Gonzaga. Napao hasn’t exactly lived up to the expectations people set two and a half years ago. He’s being shoved back into the gatekeeper role he had for the Carwin fight. That’s probably the only position in the UFC he can hold consistently though; dude can’t hang with the upper level but slaughters guys like Justin McCully, Chris Tuscherer and Josh Hendricks. What else is there to do besides make him the ‘can-they-or-can’t-they’ barometer for the young’uns? He is a coin-flip in the standup because of his big power and touchable chin, twice he’s shown he can be worn down in the clinch, and he doesn’t fight off of his back. That’s a terrible perfect storm of negatives for such a high-level fighter to have.

Junior dos Santos has been busting people up hardcore since coming into the UFC, but there’s still some questions about what he’s capable of – let’s not even mention his polarizing ground game. In his first two octagon appearances he smashed up an obnoxiously obese Fabrico Werdum and ran though a jolly but green giant in Stefan Struve. But what do those really mean? Werdum had no interest in fighting and Struve isn’t that great yet. He even struggled with a deteriorated Mirko Crocop, getting his face jacked up with straight rights and only finally winning with a punch to the eyeball.

Whether or not you think Gonzaga is a flake or dos Santos is over-hyped, you can’t deny the fact that they’re both big dogs in the UFC’s Heavyweight division. This is a fight you really can get excited about because, at the very least, it’s two big brutes who are (circumstantially) so close to a championship that they can taste it. Or maybe they just taste the sloppy seconds they’ll get from promotional favorites Carwin and Velasquez after their title shots. Whatever.