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Crocop at Yarennoka

Okay okay, so Mirko CroCop isn’t fighting at Yarennoka, but word is he’s planning on making an appearance at the show. And let me tell you … people don’t travel all the way to Japan just for shits and giggles. There’s something going on here, although I’ll be damned if I know what the hell it is.

All I really know right now is that Mirko has been saying he was ready to fight in January while UFC brass has been saying they haven’t been able to get in touch with anyone from Mirko’s camp. While I don’t doubt that Mirko plans on legally fulfilling his contractual obligations, it wouldn’t surprise me if the UFC was fucking retarded enough to release him early because of his poor performance and high price tag.

Yes, considering all the other stupid moves they’ve made this year, they really are dumb enough to do this. In light of the high-school romance gone sour relationship these two parties have at the moment, it wouldn’t surprise me if Mirko is making an appearance in Japan just to prove he’s the fucking man over there. And to remind Fedor that he’s watching … and waiting.

  • ajadoniz says:

    unless he eats cans at HW or moves down to LHW i wouldn’t mind if he never showed his stupid croatian face in the UFC. i love LUCKO!

  • Andrej says:

    A bit to much hate? LHW is were he has to go. got exposed big time by Cheik Kongo on the feat. He need’s to move down in weight.

  • j says:

    He has always had problems in fights where he is not the aggressor since he sucks at countering. His loss to Gonzaga was so one-sided it wasn’t even funny (nm, it was very funny). I think the UFC was even trying to give him an easy stand-up fight that he could win when he was matched up against Cheick Kongo, which he failed to do. Since he’s on the list of “superstars who lost their last two fights” maybe he go down to LHW and him and Liddell and Silva can keep fighting each other until they have enough money to retire.

    Ok, enough of being a dick. He was (and probably still is) a great fighter. He just needs to find his rhythm again.

  • márcio says:

    He always seems uncomfortable when the opponent pushes the rhythm and takes the fight to him. He didn’t train has hard as he could in the cage and obviously thought that the Gonzaga KO was a fluke. After getting beat by Kongo I don’t think he will ever take another fight lightly and I don’t think he has to drop to lhw either, well trained and at his best he could easily be one of the top Heavyweights in the UFC.

  • fightfan says:

    I beleive that Cro Cop would not leave his house UNLESS he is paid a lot of money. I would bet that the fine folks over there ar Yarenoka are paying him a lot of money just to show up and may even be in some kind of talks that the UFC does not know about.

    Or who knows maybe FL is right and the UFC didnt something absolutely retarded and let Cro Cop out of his contract. The UFC and Dana have chalked up a number of anal moves this past year, so it is possible

  • Mobb Deep says:

    Please, Cro Cop doesn’t need to move down to LHW. The motherfucker dominated most HW up until his last two fights. Shit, Liddell lost his last two fights but no one is talking about him moving down. Size is not the issue, something else is. Hes in a slump and he’ll be back (this time for reals).

  • Xavier says:

    If by releasing one Cro Cop means they can sign ten more Kongo’s, then by all means, release the inferior fighter and sign ten better ones.

  • Oh man, I like Kongo but he’s a freaking joke on the ground. A HW division full of Kongos = a sad state of affairs

  • Cyrus says:

    You got to understand Mirko’s got mad political pull in Croatia, a place where nobody gives a flying fuck about the UFC. He could easily burn that contract and not give a fuck. Or he could skip out on a few hundred grand to terminate early. Either way, UFC’s gotta know they can’t put the boots to that boy. Foreign fighters straight don’t give a fuck about America, much less the UFC. Fuck, you got Jay-Z waving euros these days, what did you expect?

  • sam scaff says:

    I believe Crocop will be appearing at Hustle, not Yarennoka.

    At least thats what the article says.

    While they will be in the same building on the same day, I dont believe Crocop will make an appearance at Yarennoka. Unless some other news has come to light.

  • Zheroen says:

    ITT: Xavier proves why he is an MMA mastermind.

    MOAR Cheick Kongo and Justin McCully plz!!!!!!! Can we bring back Justin Eilers and Paul Buentello, while we’re at it?

  • Xavier says:

    Know what McCully and Cro Cop have in common?

    One win in the UFC.

    Cro Cop is awesomesonsomes!

  • UFCPreview says:

    “If by releasing one Cro Cop means they can sign ten more Kongo’s, then by all means, release the inferior fighter and sign ten better ones.”

    Are you fucking kidding me? Either you jump from bandwagon to bandwagon (which in MMA, is every other fight for some guys)….or you just don’t know shit about MMA.

    Kongo beat Cro Cop, fair and square….but if you think he is a “better” fighter, you must be smoking some good stuff. Cro Cop has a SICK resume, look at who Kongo has fought.

    One fight NEVER determines who is the better fighter, look at careers. Cro Cop got kicked in the balls 4 times by the African….and his nose was fucked up and required surgery (I heard it blocked 50% of his breathing passage). I know you are going to say those are excuses….but bottom line, Cro Cop would be favored over Kongo in a rematch.

    And Kongo is going to even lose to Justin McCully because he can’t stop his takedowns, and he can’t do crap on the ground.