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Cris Cyborg talks babies

Tatame just talked with Cris Cyborg, and the questions eventually turned to “When are you going to push a fetus out of your pachinko?”

You and Cyborg are together since when?
Since 2005, when I did my first fight in São Paulo. After three months we began to live together and got married.

And the “Little Cyborg”? Are you planning?
Cyborg is crazy to have a “Little Cyborg”, but not now. I always had my goals, always wanted to grow in any sport and there are still missing some things. I want to fight with Gina and be like Wanderlei (Silva), invincible for long time. And when I decide to have my son, I’ll stop for one year and a half, but I will return to fight. With medical help and a normal diet, and the time he’s born I’ll return to train. He will be born in the ring (laughs). I also want to have a child, but I think now is not the time, I still have a lot to get in my career.

It’s funny to think about how big of a name Cyborg has become in such a short time. Less than a year ago there was barely any information on her at all and now she’s the missing link in a superfight that could possibly change the landscape of women’s MMA. I’m glad that she’s ignoring the desperate cries from her loins to procreate, at least for a little while. There’s a lot of fighting to be done in the cage first.