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Cris Cyborg relegated to ‘highlight’ status

Who the fuck is in charge of shit at EliteXC now that Gary Shaw is gone? Because whoever it is … you are a moron. What’s wrong this time? Relegating Cris Cyborg vs Yoko Takahashi to ‘highlight’ status (from the press release: “Highlights from this match will be shown during the CBS broadcast.”). EliteXC passed up Cyborg vs Carano for this pivotal event because they want to save it as a PPV money maker, and then THEY DON’T EVEN SHOW THE FIGHT WITH CYBORG TO HELP BUILD IT UP???

People already know Gina Carano … she’s not gonna be any more popular after fighting Kelly Kobald. But Cyborg needs more exposure if EliteXC hopes to be able to build any mainstream PPV heat off that fight. If they think they can build the hype properly by showing a 30 second highlight of Cyborg whupping some Japanese can’s ass, then they’re pretty dumb.

EliteXC has a funny habit of putting together ads where they don’t even tell you the names of the people facing their stars. Ya know … Kimbo vs Shamrock, plus Gina Carano and Jake Shields! That doesn’t even fly well for free TV, but it certainly won’t fly on PPV. If EliteXC expects anyone to tune in for a PPV in early 2009, they need strong matchups that have been properly promoted. Right now, they’re gambling their Gina matchup draw on hopefully impressive highlights.

I know the idea of having TWO women’s matches on CBS is JUST PURE INSANITY (you don’t want the novelty to wear off, do you???), but it would have been the smart thing to do. EliteXC needs to build up the opposition for their established big money draws. That means Cyborg and Brett Rogers should have been front and center and in everyone’s face throughout the entire October 3rd show. Not relegated to highlights and some schlocky interview. Just saying.