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Cris Cyborg needs to lose 37 pounds

Tito Ortiz talks about how much weight Cris Cyborg would need to drop to hit 135 pounds:

“When I first signed her she told me, ‘Tito, I can’t go down to 135 because I walk around at 172, 173,’” explained Cyborg’s manager, former UFC champion Tito Ortiz. “And for a woman cut that much weight and for Cyborg to be the champion she has (been) at her weight class (145 pounds), to cut down (that far), it sounds like a disadvantage for her to cut down to a weight that she’s not used to.

“In the very beginning when they said, ‘We want you to cut down to 135. You got two months to do it,’ I said no, it’s gonna be too soon. I don’t want to hurt my fighter.”

“It is going to be tough (for her to get down to 135). When she cuts to 145, she is shredded,” he stated. “To cut another 10 pounds… It’s tough to do, to get an extra 10 pounds off. If Mike Dolce can do it in a healthy way, in a healthy manner, and there’s a doctor that can approve it and make it the right way, let the fight happen.”

Poor Cris Cyborg is under a lot of pressure right now to hit 135 pounds – I’d say there’s never been a situation in the history of the UFC where a fighter has been leaned on this hard to make a drop that is obviously not healthy for them to do. Dana White’s meeting halfway point is offering her the services of weight-cutting mad scientist Mike Dolce, and from there it sounds like a take it or leave it proposition. Which all ignores the obvious immediate solution – a catchweight. Sure, it messes up some of the promotional angling because it wouldn’t be for the bantamweight belt, but I’d say dehydrating one of the fighters half to death might make for a less exciting fight too.

Unfortunately for Cyborg, she’s in the middle of her own mini Lance Armstrong shame walk, and people are perfectly comfortable telling her to just STFU and make the weight. Stop cheating and get off the roids! In this current climate, there’s no way the UFC is going to budge on Cyborg coming down to 135 for this fight. Which is too bad, because it means it may not happen.