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Credit where credit is due

There’s still a lot of people upset about the ‘Zuffa Myth’, a soundbyte that makes it sound like Zuffa pushed MMA towards regulations when technically the old UFC owners started trying alongside the New Jersey Athletic Commission. While I’ll agree that credit should be given where credit is due, the Zuffa myth serves it’s purpose: as a reassuring 5 second explanation for the masses as to why MMA is okay now compared to 15 years ago when it was a hilariously unsafe free for all.

Plus you can’t really deny that the UFC works it’s ass off trying to get the sport legalized across the country. While you don’t always hear about it in the press, the UFC’s Marc Ratner is involved with every state and province currently looking into regulating mixed martial arts. When asked if he’d come out to Vancouver Canada to talk to them about the sport, here’s what he said:

Marc Ratner: “I would fly to Vancouver immediately with some of our other people if any commission needed our help to sort through the process. We’d be there in a second. In fact, I’d be there Thursday but unfortunately I’ll be in Toronto that day talking to their commission. … Today I talked to Philadelphia, Phoenix, they’re all saying, ‘When are you coming?’ The answer is, invite us out and we’ll be there — no question.”

So you can continue to bitch and whine about the Zuffa myth of glossing over the origins of regulation, or you can recognize that Marc Ratner has done more work legalizing the sport around the world than probably any other individual out there. Or I suppose you can accept both prepositions, although that seems a bit too reasonable for my taste. You’re either with us or against us, that’s what I say.