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Credeur makes Loughran quit on the stool

Tim Credeur just pulled off a Jorge Gurgel. Well, almost. He won, so it’s not really like Jorge. But still, whenever I see a jiu jitsu guy brawling away with amusingly bad standup, I think back to him. Perhaps the secret to Credeur’s win was the fact that his opponent Nate Loughran also seemed to be clueless on his feet. And on the ground. And just in general.

The first round saw Tim come out aggressive, throwing hard slow-mo bombs with his chin stuck out about as far as it would go. I’m not just talking Chuck Liddell style ‘Hey, watch your hands when you throw that hook’. I’m talking about every other punch looking like a superman punch, and every other other punch actually BEING a superman punch. In the second they split their time between the feet and the ground, with Loughran never really showing anything at all. If I were going to sum up his performance, I’d say he froze. Utterly and completely.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he ended up quitting on the stool between the second and third round – nice little MMA tribute to Oscar de la Hoya, eh? The announcers speculated that maybe he had a rib injury or something but so far there’s no news of anything like that. While I’d say Loughran was definitely losing to Credeur, it wasn’t bad enough to justify quitting. I don’t think he’s gonna find himself with a lot more fans after tonight. Or a job, for that matter. Interestingly enough, he had the consistently flaky Dave Terrell in his corner. Perhaps that shit is contagious?