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Crazy Corrie

One of the best stories you didn’t hear about over UFC 87 weekend was how some chick from Toronto broke the mold at the UFC Fight Club Q&A session and verbally berated Dana White for treating Tito Ortiz like shit. Normally these events are all sycophantic cocksucking, hugs, kisses, and other totally homo shit. So it’s pretty awesome that some chick had the balls (how ironic) to really get in Dana’s face for what she felt was a stupid, arrogant business move.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your POV), the chick who did it was a crazy spazz who represented all us internet whack-jobs very poorly indeed. Steve Cofield tracked her down and put her on the radio shortly after, and now he has the video up of the original confrontation.

God bless you Steve for putting stuff like this up. God bless you.