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CrashMMA bus to UFC 96 and 97

If you’re from Toronto or around there, then I want to take a few seconds to tell you about CrashMMA. They set up packages so Canadian UFC fans can make it to events without having to take a new mortgage out on their house. Here’s the deal: for 500 bucks you get to ride on a pimp bus with wifi and fight videos and even a big name MMA fighter. That fee also covers your UFC ticket, hotel room, and shuttling between the event, an afterparty, and the hotel.

Jake and I will be on the CrashMMA bus down to the March Columbus show, and while we’re not gonna be on the Montreal April bus (since we already live here), we’ll be getting together with everyone to drink it up and have an awesome time. I know 500 bucks sounds like a lot of money but when you realize that’s pretty much an all-inclusive price for a UFC weekend, it’s a pretty sweet deal. Bring two boxes of pop tarts and one of those Heineken mini-kegs and you’re pretty much set to go.

So if you’re interested, go to CrashMMA and sign up. Hopefully we’ll see a bunch of jackals on the bus!