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CrashMMA bus filling up!

If you live around the Toronto area and are interested in coming down to Ohio with us on the CrashMMA bus, it’s go time. Over 30 people have signed up already and there are 10 spots left. The CrashMMA guys just announced the meet and greet fighters and they’ll be Sean Sherk and Chris Lytle. No word yet on if you get to see them beat me like a piñata for all the mean things I’ve said about them over the years.

And of course don’t forget about UFC 97 in Montreal (if it happens). It looks like finding tickets to this thing will be just as hard as last time, so just avoid the headache: CrashMMA takes care of the transpo, the hotel, and most importantly the ticket to the event. All for 500 bucks. I know, that’s 2 more zeros more than you broke asses are used to seeing, but when you take into account all the costs of doing a trip like this on your own, it’s pretty fucking sweet.

Plus you get to hang out with me! Afterwards you can say “He smelled a lot more than I expected.” There’s a reason I ‘live’ on the internet, you know.