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Roxy vs Tara has been canceled:

“The show is still on, but the AFL pulled the funding for the [Larosa-Modaferri] fight,” Moon revealed.

The Kentucky-based AFL, who made media splashes with the signing of former WWE star Bobby Lashley and the pursuit of free agent Tito Ortiz, signed Larosa to an unprecedented contract in June, which could reach $750,000 over an 18-month span. The promotion then announced late last month that they had loaned out three contracted fighters — Larosa, Modafferi, and hot 145-pound prospect Rafael Assuncao — to Ironheart Crown for their Nov. 8 card.

With their fighters’ sizable price tags, the AFL was expected to pick up the tab on the purses of their three fighters on the Ironheart Crown card. However, difficulties with investors and sponsors led them to pull their support.

“They were a gift to us, and there was never a firm commitment from the AFL, so nobody lied to us,” explained Moon. “They were not obligated to lend us Tara or Roxy. I don’t blame them, either. The AFL put a huge amount of money into my show without getting too much out of it.”

I’m just pissed that they would go ahead and confirm everything and then yank it all out from under us right after. Roxy was already training uber-hard to hit super saiyan levels of asskicking, and we had already set up Team Modafferi and gotten a few bigass boxes full of shirts. We’re still trying to figure out exactly what’s happening now … as soon as we do, we’ll make an announcement.