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Cracked + MMA = Awesome has a list of the Top 8 ‘Oh Shit!’ Moments in MMA. Let me just say, it’s nothing short of awesome. Here’s what they had to say about the classic Frye vs. Takayama fight-to-the-death:

Don Frye looks like an old west sheriff, and Takayama looks like Japan tried to make their own Hulk Hogan out of juiced grapes. When they faced off, the two of them somehow, without speaking, managed to come to some kind of gentleman’s agreement. They decided the only move each of them would use is grabbing the opponent’s head with one hand, and punching it over and over with the other.

Within seconds, it turned into a sublime combination of ultra violence and slapstick. As they pound, pound, pounded each other’s skulls, you could see all the faces in the crowd light up with joy. Grown men, little girls– they’d been waiting their whole lives for this one perfect moment! Your brain damage does not happen in vain, Frye and Takayama!

Also included on the list are moments like Kevin Randleman’s paralysis-inducing suplex on Fedor and Scott Smith’s INSANE knockout of Pete ‘Drago’ Sell. I fucking love this sport.