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Cowboy vs Razor coming up

The fight that resulted in a WEC power coup will finally be seen on television: Razor Rob McCullough vs Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone will be featured on the WEC’s ‘Best of 2008’ show on December 28th. People were flipping the fuck out after the fight was skipped over to make room for wrestling standout Jake Rosholt’s debut. That fight turned out to be a decent but sloppy as pig shit fight, and the overall WEC event was dubbed ‘meh’.

Everyone at the time was wondering what the fuck was up with McCullough vs Cerrone being looked over, but then word started coming out that the two had waged an epic war on the scale of Bonnar vs Griffin. Zuffa management got pissed about the fuck-up, replaced the WEC’s matchmaker with one of their cronies, and now a month and a half later we’re finally going to get to see this fight.

For me, this is like Christmas coming twice. I’ve been obsessing about this fight since I heard it was the shit, checking WEC WrekCage every week to see if they stuck it in there.