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Cowboy sends another opponent to the ER

I’ve read some crazy as shit ideas on how to improve MMA judging – from Marcus Davis’ ‘give me credit for every minute I win’ nonsense to the horrible, awful, no good, very bad idea to import the Japanese judge the whole fight/do whatever the hell you want model. I’m now leaning towards judging the fight – any decision – the day after the fight. Wake them up at seven. Have them do some jumping jacks and shit. And if one guy happens to have a hospital band while the other guy doesn’t? Instant win for the guy that DIDN’T require medical attention.

Clearly, something had to spur this radical declaration of position from me.

According to Henderson’s agent, Jason Genet, late in the fifth round, Donald Cerrone’s heal caught Henderson in the left eye and badly injured it. That’s why his eye was very swollen in the post-fight interview with Versus’ Todd Harris.

Genet said that when Henderson reached the locker room, he collapsed and stopped sweating. He was then rushed to the hospital and needed four IVs to get rehydrated. Henderson was eventually moved to three different emergency rooms, and it was finally decided that he needed to see an eye specialist because it was feared that he might have a detached retina.

Thankfully, it was determined on Sunday morning that his retina was not detached and that he will not need surgery. Genet said Henderson still can’t see out of his left eye, and is scheduled to see his eye specialist in Phoenix on Tuesday to get a final diagnosis.

Additionally, if you’ve successfully impaired the vision of the last two people to decision you (and you put on FOTY efforts every time you enter the cage), you’re a badass. I’m glad this news doesn’t look like it will impact the current target date for Benson’s unification match against Varner… you know, assuming the promotion still exists by then. Either way, those three lightweights entering the UFC waters – sooner or later – will further reinforce the depth of an already stacked division.