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Couture vs Coleman at UFC 109

Poor Dana White. He’s trying to put together some winning hands here with half the royalty missing from his deck of cards. Considering everything, I think he and Joe Silva are doing decent job with their lemons to lemonade matchmaking. Sure, there’s barely any belt defenses, but we all know why. It’s time to accept the fact that it’s gonna be cold for a while in terms of title defenses and try to enjoy the consolation fights the UFC manages to put together. Like Randy Couture vs Mark Coleman at UFC 109.

A lot of people have been shitting on this fight, and I have some advice for them: Tell your jaded inner cynic to shut up and instead embrace your fanboy. Do it now, and save yourself a few months of misery and aggravation as the UFC doesn’t manage to live up to your expectations. Seek out one of those crazy hypnotists and ask them if he can trick you into the same “Who cares who’s on the card, I’m just excited for another event” mentality your noob friends have. Because really … Couture vs Coleman ain’t THAT bad. It just MAY be possible to enjoy it.