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Couture: I’d fight Fedor in the UFC

Just a few new legal clarifications from Randy Couture: in this latest interview he says that he resigned from his employment contract, not his fight contract. His fight contract expires in July on it’s own. Another thing he reiterated was that if the UFC was able to set up the Fedor fight somehow, he would be happy to do it with them.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … these small actions and announcements that Couture makes reek of smart lawyering in the background. While I think Randy and his people have given up on trying to win the PR war against the UFC, you can see them digging in to give a good defence in court.

  • Xavier says:

    Since when does Couture get to pick his opponents? Especially picking them from outside the organization?

    I’d LOVE to read the language in the contract that gave him that ability. ‘Cause it doesn’t exist.

  • MacDaddy says:

    Because. He. Sells. PPVs.

  • Fighters do retain the right to refuse a match or not accept opponents. And there’s lots of times where fighters propose bouts to the company which are then accepted.

  • Xavier says:

    Not sure when the last time a fighter got to pick an opponent from outside the organization. Never.

    I’m sure the UFC would be fine with working on an opponent who is UNDER contact to the UFC with Randy.