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Coulda woulda

If Mark Coleman’s tank was actually a tank it’d be this ugly rusted thing with a giant hole in the ass. Someday he may realize that Zeus didn’t create him to last longer than 3 minutes. But until then we’ll continue to hear him talk as if his cardio problems are nothing more than an unfortunate thing of the past. From a Sherdog interview:

“Not that I didn’t train, I just didn’t train like a champion and it definitely showed,” Coleman said. “It’s very frustrating and disappointing because looking back at it, if I would’ve trained, I feel like I could’ve taken Shogun out. I saw so many openings during that fight that if I had the steam, I feel like I could’ve taken him out and things would be a little different; I wouldn’t be fighting on the undercard right here.”

“The guys I work with out here in Las Vegas have been just great. … I’ve improved drastically on my feet and in all areas, and there’s no reason I can’t compete for the title,” he said. “I still have it in me. I just got to be willing to put in the time and the effort and that’s what I plan on doing.”

Goddamnit Mark, that sounds like half excuse, half promise that you’re gonna be the little engine that could on Saturday. But why the fuck should I believe that? You literally opened a black hole in time and sucked the balls off an entire ancient civilization just 6 months ago. But now we’re supposed to expect that you’re not going to be doing that thing you’ve been doing since you were only sorta old? Not to say it would be pretty cool if that were true … but I’m using up all my delusional energy on my own stupid hopes and dreams, thank you very much.