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Cote’s knee

Those wanting a rematch between Patrick Cote and Anderson Silva (which is up there to me with Ken Shamrock vs Kimbo Slice) will have to wait a while: Cote is going under the knife next week and will be out of action for 6-8 months. Here’s more details on the injury:

Cote first aggravated the knee injury while attempting a kick midway through the second round. Cote told his management before the third round he thought his knee was done, but attempted to continue. However his knee gave way as he sparred with the champion, forcing Herb Dean to call an end to the fight and give Silva the TKO victory.

Cote’s manager Stephane Patry told Sportsnet he originally injured his knee a year ago, and he reaggravated it training four weeks prior to the fight. He considered pulling out but instead took a cortisone shot and was told by doctors he could still take the fight.

I’d be interested in knowing how bad the ‘reaggrivation’ was. You often get the feeling that the UFC takes a ‘rub some dirt on it’ approach to fighter injuries, but after what just happened last Saturday they might want to reconsider that. On that note, Brock vs Randy is up next and the word is both guys are gonna be a bit more banged up than usual.