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Cote on Cote

I’ve always hated hearing post-fight interviews. It’s not so much that I find them dull or uninteresting, but rather because I’ve never heard any fighter offer insightful shit about his own performance. Call me fucking crazy, but objectivity is lost somewhere deep inside their ego and self delusion.

Case and point, here is a video of Cote talking about the fight with Anderson Silva (creds to Jackal Seamus for the link). The “highlights” for me includes a fantasy that he somehow did better than any other competitor by making it into the third round. He’s obviously quite drunk, and seems to have forgotten that aside from exactly two landed elbows to Silva’s head, Cote did nothing else but eat blows to the face…that is, when Silva finally decided to fight.

As far as I’m concerned, the whole thing was a wash, and if Cote thinks that his performance merits another title shot, than perhaps one of the punches he received to the face must have knocked whatever sense that was left in him.