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Corey Hill needs a better manager

That tall skinny dude from TUF5 is making some awesome career decisions. First he turned down a chance to be a part of Matt Hughes’ gay-sounding H.I.T. Squad, and now he’s popped up in a tiny show out in Iowa that was promoted by Amsterdam Strip Clubs this weekend. Corey won the fight against some random guy in the first round via ground n pound.

Now at first I was wondering: WTF is up with Corey not being in the UFC? But then I got to thinkin’ … Hill ‘snuck’ onto the show with only one real MMA fight to his name. Going into the UFC with this kinda experience and getting dismantled is not the best way to start a career. So in that way, all the power to Corey for sharpening his skills and earning a spot in the big show.

But why the fuck is he fighting in shady strip club shows? I’d be amazed if he got paid more than 500 bucks for the fight. Someone get this guy Ken Pavia’s number. Ken will line him up with a dozen fights against suitable fodder and have him making more cheddar than most of the TUF guys are making in the UFC.

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    Not joining Matt Hughes’s new team=samrt decision. The other stuff? Yeah probably not great for a guy with his level of recognition.

  • John says:


  • tomkay says:

     I ran across Matt Hughes testimony on the Nutritox site after shopping has anyone tried their products? It appears they have some recognition especially in strength and conditioning community.

  • dignan says:

    Why would not joining Hughes team be smart? All bias aside, Hughes could give Hill some serious skills that he currently doesn’t have, he would keep Corey’s name in Dana’s ear, and actually make him a quality fighter.

    I will say, due to his size, he is better suited to learn something from a wicked jiu-jitsu guy…but I don’t think he received any offers to choice a team like that.

    The big deal is the fact he could be in a much better position by not fight in po-dunk piece of shit fights. What if he goes on a losing tear or gets seriously hurt in some back alley fight? Or a state fair where some asshole redneck eating a deep-fried-snickers-corndog is shouting kill the darkie.

    Anyways…he needs to use the momentum the show created for his benefit, not by turning down(possibly burning a bridge) with the asshole that is Matt Hughes.

  • Fred says:

    I heard that Corey is back at MFS in Bettendorf now. Wherever he goes, he has a future if he just hangs tough.

  • ted dibiase says:

    “he looks like hes taking a tinkle”- matt serra
    i love that line.

    why would corey join matt hughes team? hes a klan member

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    Eh, you’re probably right dignan.

  • hbdale309 says:

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