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Corey Hill is a charity now

Does anyone think it’s ironic that one of the guys fighting in a charity event has suddenly become one? Ok, that’s about as ironic as that stupid Alanis Morissette song, but no one can deny that he’s on the receiving end of royal ass raping. It’s rumored that the UFC is paying his medical bills, but the guy is going to be out of commission for the next year and a half, which means that unless he starts being able to make money of his back, he’s fucked.

Now, you can go here if you want to help this guy have a merry Christmas. Since you Americans hate socialism, and the poor fucker has no safety net, the least we can all do is make a small donation, especially if you’re one of those guys who used his highlight video to watch people’s reaction (the MMA equivalent of 2 girls 1 cup).

Now I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but does anyone else think that Hill should never fight at 155 again? I mean, I know hindsight is 20/20, but my baby sister has bigger legs than him. When Ryan and I watched the fight, we already knew he was going to break it, but I swear every single kick looked like it could be “the one”. The UFC has been experimenting with really tall guys at lightweight, and they are all a disaster waiting to happen. I’m not questioning how tough they are, but I am seriously wondering if their fucking frames can handle blows. Do we need one of these lanky skinny fucks to get killed in the Octogon before someone says “hey, are you sure that’s safe”?