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Slowly but surely Fightlinker has begun to build up a pretty interesting cast of characters who contribute to the site when it tickles their fancy. Some sites go for a consistent message and style. My thought has always been that the more different and diverse voices we have, the more interesting it is for everyone. Here’s a little more info on the people who help out:

Esther Lin
Esther is a freelance photographer who does a ton of work with EliteXC and Combat Lifestyle. She provides us with the goods from cageside, press conferences, and around events.

Esther’s Flickr page
Combat Lifestlye

Matthew Polly
Matt is the author of American Shaolin, which chronicles his time spent in China living with Shaolin Monks. This is back before living with Shaolin Monks was cool and before China was considered a safe place to visit. Now he’s writing a book on mixed martial arts, and is kind enough to fill us in on some of the adventures he experiences along the way.

Matt’s website

Roxanne Modafferi
Roxy is one of the top 5 best female fighters at 135 pounds and holds the Fatal Femmes Fighting championship belt at that weight class. If that wasn’t interesting enough, she also lives in Japan, splitting her time between training MMA and teaching english. She’s currently working on a book detailing her experiences as a fightergirl in Japan.

Roxy’s website

Ram Maramba
You might remember Ram as the resident funny guy over at Five Ounces of Pain. Now he’s over here.

Matt Benyon
Matt aka Supercrap is the operator of the Martial Farts blog, which is based around his love of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and his life in Japan. Aside from BJJ insight, he also writes some of the best absurdist posts on the internet. They make absolutely no sense, and they are AWESOME.

Matt’s Martial Farts blog