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Confirmed: Rachelle Leah with 20% more skin!

I passed on the original rumors that Rachelle Leah was planning on posing for Playboy because I was concerned it might end up being one of those classy ‘non-nude’ pictorals. But now we have announcing the spread:

Rachelle Leah, the host of UFC ® All Accessâ„¢ has a secret and readers will read it here first. The woman who many fans consider to be the Ultimate Female is confirming rumors she will appear on the cover of the November issue of Playboy! Inside you’ll be treated to a 10-page pictorial of UFC’s favorite girl who’s now all grown up! The former Octagon Girlâ„¢ turned show host looks fierce in what can only be described as-well, we guess you’re going to have to see for yourself. On newsstands in just 30 days!

While they don’t exactly proclaim Rachelle will be ‘bare and shaved’, I’m taking the naughty innuendo and 10 page devotion to say we’re getting what we all wanted for Christmas, but this year Christmas comes mid-October.