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Confirmed: Juanito Ibarra sues half the MMA blogosphere

More news on the Juanito Ibarra slander /libel / whatever lawsuit. Where I initially assumed that he was only suing Tito Ortiz and simply named all the sites Tito’s claims were repeated in, it turns out that he’s suing EVERYONE at once. Here’s the list of defendants:

According to the lawsuit filing, here are the following people Ibarra sued: David Carpinello, Justin Bolduc, Punch Drunk Gamer, Yahoo Sports, Cage Potato, Serge Marches, Darragh Creamer, Fight Sports Magazin, Kris Karkoski (MMA Frenzy), Jim Bankoff, Tyler Bleszinski, Lauren Fisher, Bloody Elbow (SB Nation), Josh Kampschmidt, Robyn Lass, Ballhype, Pramit Mohapatra (Fight Ticker), Matt Boone (MMA News), Chris Howie, Sam Caplan (Five Ounces of Pain), and The Houston Chronicle.

The boilerplate statement made in the lawsuit about the defendants is that the defendant “is, and at all times herein mentioned was, an individual, residing and/or transacting business in the State of California.” The filing also claims that Ibarra’s lawyers believe that some of the people they are suing used fake names (alter egos) and will be revealed whenever possible.

So there we go, maybe there’s still a chance Fightlinker will get thrown into this who’s who of MMA bloggers, but only if Juanito Ibarra wrestles me and manages to pull off my luchador mask, exposing my top secret identity. RadarOnline put up the full filing which you can get right here. Bloggers unfortunately involved and lawyers who would like to give their two cents / get involved, Zach Arnold would like to get in touch with you.

Obviously we will have much more on this for as long as this farce of a lawsuit goes on. One of the few tools bloggers have against people with more money and lawyers than sense is the court of public opinion, and I can’t think of many people who have sued one blog let alone 20+ and haven’t come out of it looking like the total douchebag assholes they are.