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Conference call insanity has a play by play of the UFC 114 conference call that happened earlier today. As expected, Quinton Jackson and Rashad Evans spend the majority of the time yelling at eachother. Here’s some excerpts:

1:16: Rashad takes issue with Rampage’s comments about him. He beat Forrest when Rampage couldn’t beat him. And then they start shouting at each other. Rashad says Rampage perpetuates the idea that he’s stupid when he’s anything but stupid. “Stop pretending like you’re stupid just because you’re black, you’re not stupid.” This conference call is already epic.

1:25: Rampage says Rashad is acting like he wants to fight, but all he’s going to do is run away and do his little takedowns. Rashad says Rampage will back down again like he did the first time, so Rampage asks Dana to relay what happened. Dana called Rampage and asked him to fight Rashad, and Rampage said yes. Dana then called Rashad and he turned it down. And then the shouting begins again. Rampage turned down a fight with Rashad after the Jardine fight because it was too soon, so Rashad says they are even. And now more shouting.

1:28: Yes, they just finished shouting.

1:29: Rashad says Rampage fakes being stupid and he’s actually smart. Why perpetuate the stereotype that you’re stupid? Rashad says he’s plenty smart. And yes, more shouting. I know you’re shocked.

1:30: And now Rashad says something about balls in the mouth and this conference call goes downhill quickly.

Steve Cofield has some audio from the call and it sounds absolutely chaotic. If Rampage and Evans let their animosity for eachother cool down, it’s back up to red hot levels now.