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Completely looking past Sonnen, Henderson, Teixeira and Gustafsson, Jon Jones plans move to heavyweight

Daniel Cormier may not have to worry about cutting down to 205 to face Jon Jones. Jones might be coming to him. And that’s good news for Cormier. He’s about 240, and cutting down would seriously affect his intake of hot boudin and crawfish etouffee. And you don’t wanna be telling no Louisiana boy that he can’t have his boudin. That shit good.

After Jones handles a few pieces of business at 205, he plans to move up to heavyweight. The dominant champion has tossed around the idea before, but during the recent MetroPCS chat he pretty much stated it’s a done deal.

“I’ll definitely move up to heavyweight. But it’ll probably be around 2013. Maybe at the end of 2013. Right now I have a nutritionist and I’m starting to take the career a lot more seriously than I used to, so my weight cuts are getting a lot easier. I walk around a lot thinner naturally. Right now I’m at, like, 225. That’s a 20-pound cut. That’s really easy. So I might look bigger than most people when I’m fighting, but I’m really not.”

UFC champions have been talking about moving up in weight to conquer new divisions forever, especially when it’s perceived they’ve cleaned out their own category. Shit, even Chuck Liddell used to talk about going up to heavyweight. But it’s normally not that simple. GSP used to talk about it too, but then all of a sudden he has a few new legit challengers to his throne. A year in MMA is an eternity. By the end of 2013 there could very well be one or two new kids on the block. And lest we not forget about Glover Teixeira, Dan Henderson, and Alexander Gustafsson – all of whom Jones will probably beat, but let’s not jump the gun so soon here.

Jones moving up is an exciting prospect, for sure. He just hasn’t been challenged at 205, so it’s a logical move. But the kid is still only 25 years old. He hasn’t even reached his athletic peak. And in general, a move up to heavyweight is an ill-advised endeavor. Big boys up there. But Jones might be the one guy who could pull it off. He definitely has the talent, he just needs more time to hone his skills. Had Frank Mir gotten that armbar on him instead of Vitor Belfort, he would have ripped it off, took it home, and used it to stroke himself.

When a guy talks about moving up so soon after becoming champion, especially when the issue isn’t a difficult weight cut, that usually means a precarious level of arrogance is settling in. And that could be dangerous with a guy like Teixeira out there. Only time will tell if the young champion still has some hard lessons to learn or if he’s swinging such a big stick it doesn’t matter. Jon Jones will move up eventually, but not in 2013.