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Complete english copy of Yarennoka rules

For some reason, every time I have questions regarding M-1 I forget the fact that we’ve got a regular reader who’s part of the company and he’s more than happy to give me their side of the story and feed me insider info. All this even though we occasionally call them crazy Russians and 1001 other things I heard Papa Dana call them in the past.

Today, they were nice enough to give me an official english copy of the Yarennoka rules. The document is a very interesting look into the exact wording of rules, and goes from the obvious list of fouls right down to the specifics of dress code. Of course, the reason we were given this document was to shed light on the Akiyama / Misaki situation, so continue reading to see the pertinant parts of the document regarding that:

If the fighter commits a foul or does not adhere to the instructions of a referee, “Caution 1” will be given. The accumulation of 3 (three) cautions will result in a disqualification. However, if a foul with harmful intent is made, or intentional fouls are repeated, the referee can call an immediate disqualification.

Article 8. The following conduct is deemed a foul. The fighter who commits one of these fouls will be given a “Caution 1” from the referee. A caution will be considered a negative factor and points will be deducted for the decision. The fighter will be disqualified when he receives 3 (three) cautions. The fighter will also need to pay a penalty, 10% of the fight money per caution, to the promoter for every caution the fighter receives.

13. When a fighter is on his “four point position” on the mat, a standing opponent must not kick the opponent’s face or head with his calf/shin/ankle/foot. Stomping is also not allowed. However, a knee(s) to the face/head is allowed

Article 10. When the fighter who receives a foul attack is seriously injured, the bout will resume after the full recovery of the fighter based on the decision of the referee and the ringside physicians. The fighter who made the foul will be disqualified in accordance with Article 7, only if the ringside physicians determine that the injured fighter is unable to continue the fight.

So as you can see, we’re still stuck in a bit of a pickle. There’s talk of a three foul system, but there’s also an immediate disqualification when an opponent is seriously injured. Four point position includes hands and feet down, but while ‘calf/shin/ankle/foot’ isn’t legal, ‘knee(s) to the face/head’ are!

So here’s the deal: If Misaki hit Akiyama with his knee and not the other parts of his leg, then it was a legal strike. Otherwise, article 10 says that it was at the ref’s discretion to stop the fight and give Akiyama a chance to recover. If Akiyama could not continue, Misaki should have been disqualified. Obviously that didn’t happen, so who the fuck knows what goes on now.

There you go people. I’m sure that’s raised more questions than answers! M-1 also put up an article regarding the rules on this but didn’t actually comment on their position, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

  • LR says:

    From looking at the replay over and over, the kick lands RIGHT as Akiyama lifts his hands. So, technically, it was legal. Problem is that unless the referee can see in Matrix slow-motion, there is no way he saw that.

  • Blue says:

    And Tanigawa cried like a little bitch, but it was OK with him when the FEG ace KID kicked Yahya two times in the face on the ground.

  • S&M says:

    Who cares?

  • MacDaddy says:

    of course it was – Yahya’s not Japanese, he’s barely human…

  • intenso says:

    agree w/ #3

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    The rules should include a comeuppance clause.

  • Sacha says:

    From watching the fight you would’ve thought soccer kicks were allowed.
    It’s disturbing that nobody seemed concerned about a possible foul after the fight. I wonder why Akiyama didn’t say anything, too… his head was probably still ringing from that kick.

  • ajadoniz says:

    comeuppance (n): A punishment or retribution that one deserves; one’s just deserts

  • Roxy says:

    I saw an article in a magazine today and it looked like Akiyama’s hands lifted the second before he got kicked. Geez…that’s so rediculous that we’re counting seconds now! lol but what can you do?