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Commercial dump!

Hey everyone, it’s Saturday! And you know what that means, right? That’s right! We here at Fightlinker fuck off and get drunk, high, and fondle women of questionable virtue. This leaves you all to your own devices, and I can only hope you won’t try cutting yourselves for attention while we’re out.

But we aren’t all evil. The weekend is also when we repost the little parody ads we stick into the Low Blow every show. The last episode’s bits are

Greasy Xyience Bitch Commercial

Super Extremu Fightu Creamu

  • Tommy says:

    FL I really do gotta slow down on my smoking. Somehow I got David Terrell mixed up with Patrick Cote. I take back my he sucks attitude, my bad. He is however off the 78 card due to injury.

  • kentyman says:

    Love the SEFC commercial.

    Who’s the girl in the GXB commercial?

  • Jake says:

    that is a secret my friend!

  • Tommy says:

    Jake whats your game name again?

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    its his mom kenty

    together theyre known as Jake and the Fat Woman


    Jake and the woman who looks like a Fat Man

  • Jake says:

    it’s DullJake tommy

  • Tommy says:

    Sweet. You gettin cod 4? I been playing ace combat 6 which is excellent.

  • Jake says:

    i heard it was quite good. I’m not sure about cod 4 yet. I’ll be pretty busy with Assassin’s creed, as well as Mass Effect

  • Tommy says:

    Yep the 13’th and the 20’th for those two. Both look tight. Mass is RP, you into that sorta gaming? If so Oblivion is a must.

  • Jake says:

    Got Oblivion. I’ve played the shit out of it. I was a huge KOTOR fan, so I’m pretty stocked about this one

  • Swedish guy says:

    Is “Amsterdamian” a word in English? Like in “The Amsterdamian houses are very tightly squeezed bla bla”? Bogus sentence, but it’s the Amsterdamian part I’m after. I’m trying to translate some subs here, but I’ve realized that I suck at your language. And since this turned out to be an off topic comment thread, why not ask you guys?

  • Ya, Amsterdamian is a word.

  • Tommy says:

    Yeah I never played that one. My life was different then. Now that I’m retired my time is a plenty though. COD will be worth the buy though I’m telling you. I get bored fast so I get all the good ones.

  • Swedish guy says:

    One thing I really can’t get my head around in English language — I just can’t seem to get a feel for it or understand the basic rules — is when to write separate words, write as one word, or use hyphens.
    Like, in this thing I’m writing right now, these words confuse me:
    counter culture (counterculture?)
    marijuana cigarette (marijuana-cigarette?)

    How the fuck do I do this? And I’m not specifically asking about these words, but generally.

  • Swedish guy says:

    One more question and then I’ll stfu and go to bed (it’s 4.54 am right now and I’m a tad tired):
    Can you say “he admits us at his office” (this is the speaker voice of a documentary), or is it “he recieves us at his office” (sounds stupid) or is there another way of saying that is even better? And should one of the above be correct, which preposition should I use? AT his office? IN his office?

  • Don’t worry my friend I get comfused at times with English also.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    Swedish guy,
    I feel your pain, my parents are European and complain about this all the time. Basically, there are no nice, clear rules in the English language like there are in other European languages. For counter culture, its two words or you can use a hyphen, It really does’t matter, there is no one correct form. Marijuana cigarette is two words. I don’t know why they are two words, I just know they are. As for “he admits us at his office”, it can be correct, depending on the context, i.e. are you speaking past, present or future tense and what the rest of the sentence is.

  • Swedish Guy says:

    Well, in this case it would be me speaking in present tense for the dramatic effect. Like this:
    “We have made an appointment with the mayor. He admits us at his office with a river view, right in the center of town.”

  • Swedish Guy says:

    I forgot to say thanks. So thanks, Mobb Deep and MMA-Elite.
    And thanks FL for letting me counter-hijack the thread. Whenever I’ve found a video site that lets one upload video with subtitles, or another smart way of sharing the video, I’ll definititely share it with you. It’s awesome!

  • TIGERTAO says:

    Amsterdamian is not a word, unless you were attempting some word play with Amsterdam and the Son of Satan; Damian.

    You would have to say “(the) houses in Amsterdam are closely spaced/very close together”
    A person from Amsterdam can be called an Amsterdammer, tho its more slangy than lets say NewYorker…

  • kentyman says:

    It’s “counterhijack”.

    OK, just kidding.