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Coleman, Trigg, Nover, Hague, and Gracie are gone

It wasn’t hard to guess who was going to get the axe following last weekend’s UFC 109 show, and now word has come down from on high confirming who was let go from the promotion. Confirmed: Mark Coleman and Frank Trigg are gone. Also gone after a three fight skid is ‘the next Anderson Silva’, Phillipe Nover. Getting fucked over by a bullshit decision wasn’t enough to save Tim Hague from getting fired … while technically I don’t think he should have lost, his ‘Clash of the Titties’ with Chris Tuchscherer was still bad enough to deserve being let go.

And last but not least, Rolles Gracie is one and done. I’m kinda sad that he doesn’t get a chance to redeem himself, but considering how godawful he looked it’s not too surprising that the UFC cut him. The message being sent out: there are no more do overs in the UFC. Suck total balls in your first fight, and you’re gone.

Despite the fact that the UFC cut Mark Coleman over concerns he might die in the Octagon, the Hammer doesn’t sound like he’s planning on retiring any time soon. From an article with Midsy:

“I’m definitely going to keep fighting. I’m healthy. I’m really just very disappointed and I feel like I can do better. I have a lot I need to work on. I just need to train harder. I need to work harder.”

Work harder on building a time machine maybe. Or finding the gene responsible for aging and hacking it’s tantalizing mysteries. Midsy suggests that Coleman might go back to Japan and fight in DREAM’s upcoming 205 pound tournament, which is a bit of a scary prospect. DREAM doesn’t have a lot of killers left in that division, but getting seeded with someone violent (like Mousasi if he doesn’t jump ship to the UFC) would probably not end well. I don’t want to pretend that I’m overly worried about Coleman actually dying in the ring, but it’s still not very enjoyable watching an old dude (and legend) getting whupped by some young whippersnapper.

As for Trigg, no definite news at this time, but it’d be pretty ironic if the guy everyone thinks should retire doesn’t retire while the one who could still go on and compete at lower levels for a while actually does. Still, there’s something to be said about ending your career somewhat gracefully after one last run in the UFC rather than driving that bitch hard until the wheels fall off completely.

*UPDATE* From Renzo’s tweeter:

Rolles had a x ray done yesterday, broken foot was the diagnose, so the man has been training for over two weeks with a broken foot

That doesn’t make me think “Oh, he’s so tough” … more “Well that was dumb.”