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Cole Miller didn’t want to look like a punk, yo!

Cole Miller was on Between the Ropes radio a few days ago and had this to say about his moronic decision to keep fighting after Joe Lauzon gave him a Chinese Neck Rub:

The interview began with Cole being asked to discus his decision to continue fighting against Joe Lauzon despite receiving a blow to the back of the head. Cole said “I couldn’t really see anything. I was just trying to recuperate so I could get back in there to fight. A lot of people can say that if I didn’t think I should have been fighting then I shouldn’t have gone back in there, but at the same time I didn’t want to look like a punk. It’s very likely that if I didn’t continue I could have been made an example out of, they could have made a “do you want to be an f’ing fighter peaches” out of me and I didn’t want that to happen.” Cole then confirmed that he received a mild concussion and didn’t see straight for a while after the fight.

Didn’t want to look like a punk? Mission accomplished: you surpassed ‘Punk’ and hit ‘Retard’ on the respect-o-meter. I was willing to cut the guy some slack at the time because a punch to the brain stem probably doesn’t stimulate rational thinking, but hearing him try to justify it now is lame. Extra lame points go to the cocksucking doctor on hand who let Cole fight. How hard is it to figure out that the dude couldn’t see five feet past his face? I’ve seen this doctor before … I think he was the one that let Edwin DeWees squirt 2 gallons of blood in Gideon Ray’s face during the Ultimate Fighter 4 (Hostel 2, eat your heart out). I look forward to an inevitable death in the ring and this guy’s incarceration for being an incompetent UFC lackey.