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A cold and miserable fall coming up?

MMA Payout notices the UFC might be a bit light on headliners and title fights this fall:

It was rumored that the winner of Liddell vs. Franklin would take on Forrest Griffin (pending Griffin’s own health) in the Fall, but that’s unlikely to happen now that Rich Franklin is out with a broken forearm (an injury suffered while blocking a Liddell kick). The injury isn’t severe, but it should sideline Franklin for at least 6-8 weeks.

That recovery period will likely push Franklin’s next fight towards November or December, which effectively eliminates another non-champion main event option for the UFC’s Fall campaign (looking increasingly devoid of title fights from September through mid-November). The LW belt is up for grabs August 28th, the WW belt in mid-December, the MW belt in early-August, the LHW belt is out indefinitely, and HW is July 3rd (with a typically long turn around time).

Unless the HW or MW belts can turn around quickly, the UFC is likely to experience a period without title fights reminiscent of last Fall.

There might be a few more cards without title shots, but as it stands now it’s not looking anywhere near as bad as the hell we went through during the 8 months from August’s UFC 101 to March’s UFC 111 where we only got three title shots over ten PPV events.