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Coker makes heavyweight promises

Scott Coker tells us to be excited for Strikeforce’s heavyweight division:

“One thing I can tell you is all these guys … Alistair, Fedor, Fabricio, Josh Barnett, ‘Bigfoot’ (Antonio Silva), (Sergei) Kharitonov, Andrei Arlovski, Brett Rogers, all those guys are all going to fight each other in 2011,” Coker said. “We’re not going to hold anything back. You’re going to see these guys fight the toughest guys because really, if you’re a heavyweight, there are no easy fights in Strikeforce. It’s arguably the best heavyweight division in the world, and I think Josh Barnett said it best. The competition is here. He signed with us because he wants to fight all those guys. We’re going to put those fights together, and I think the fans are going to love it.”

Sounds great, but Strikeforce’s heavyweight roster isn’t the problem, it’s getting that roster to fight on a regular basis. Sergei Kharitonov was signed back in June and still hasn’t debuted with the promotion. The rest of the Strikeforce guys Coker lists have fought a grand total of one time each in 2010. And that’s not even factoring in all the diva crap going on with half these guys. So excuse me if I’m not jumping up and down at the prospect of ‘all these guys fighting each other in 2011’ because at this rate we’ll be lucky to get maybe two fights out of any of them if we’re lucky.