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Coker asks for Babalu / Mo again

Scott Coker is being strangely insistent that Babalu take on his friend King Mo for some reason:

Scott Coker took a heavier hand than usual in proposing that friends and training partners Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal and Renato “Babalu” Sobral face off next. Lawal is tentatively scheduled to make his first light heavyweight title defense on Aug. 21, possibly in Houston, and Strikeforce was looking to have Sobral challenge him until the Brazilian declined the title shot. Following his victory on Wednesday, Sobral was adamant that we will never fight Lawal, but Coker was insistent that a conversation between promoter and fighter would be had regardless.

“I know that they’re friends, but sometimes friends in this business have to get it on,” said Coker.

Thus far, friends in this business have almost never fought eachother, especially when it comes down to a title fight. Shogun refused to face Wand in PRIDE. Anderson refused to face Lyoto in the UFC. And you know all about AKA’s three welterweight musketeers … Jon Fitch even said he’d move up a weight class if teammate Josh Koscheck won the belt off GSP.

Across the sport, camps have put their foot down time and time again saying no to friend vs friend bouts. There have been a few exceptions where larger camps like XTreme Couture have done a few inter-camp fights, but as a rule the guys involved were never too close to begin with.

How Scott Coker thinks he can twist Babalu’s arm into doing something the UFC can’t even convince it’s fighters to do is beyond me, especially after Babs is halfway down to a different weight class already. But I guess they’re really desperate for title fights. No one is exactly soaking their undies at the prospect of King Mo vs Babalu, but it’d do better business than Mo / Feijao, which is the backup plan.

(pic via All Elbows’ Strikeforce LA gallery)