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Clostebol *UPDATE: Not*

*Update: Turns out the drug is Drostanolone, not Clostebol. So give me another hour or two and I’ll get back to you with some relevant info*

That’s the name of the steroid Josh Barnett was busted for. I still haven’t heard what the amount is but for now I’m doing some reading up on the stuff. From what I’ve read it’s basically a weaker steroid that doesn’t come with a lot of the standard steroid uh-ohs: hair loss, acne, man titties, etc. And hey, I can see why avoiding even bigger man titties would be important to Josh. Check out this explanation of the stuff from

But it also prevent aromatization, so no estrogen is formed. That limits fat gain, bloat and the risk of breast growth in men (gyno). Needless to say of course that eliminating the stronger androgenic and all of the estrogenic components, this steroid is nowhere near as potent as its parent, testosterone. But you have to admit the beauty of it. Why use testosterone if you are only going to stack it with fortunes worth of arimidex and finasteride to block estrogen and DHT, if you can just take clostebol and be done with it? I mean if you are going to screw around and mess up the strongest anabolic, do us all a favour and just use this stuff. If you really can’t take the side-effects and still want to use a steroid. Although I must say I loathe such people. Either you take it like man and accept the risk, go for the gains and get from it what you can, or you can’t tolerate the risk, and then you should just stay away from all steroids. Period. I hate those “I want it all and don’t want to pay for it” type of people.

Still looking around for more information on the stuff including the half life of it. Zak from Watch Kalib Run has already done some research and found eating meat of banging chicks might result in a failed clostebol test. I’m leaning more towards “The fucking idiot just took some”, but I tend to try and do enough research on my own so that when I look down from my mighty mountain of righteousness and declare Josh a horrible, evil person, I can do it with 100% conviction.