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Clearing up news confusion

It’s been a crazy two weeks in MMA and a lot of crazy shit has happened and not happened. Some personal things have kept me from covering stuff like I would have liked to over weekend, but I thought it was important not just to talk about the latest news developments but also how the news has been all over the place in regards to truthiness lately. Let’s recap:

The LA Times blog rolled with a source that said the UFC and Fedor were on course to making a deal. That obviously turned out to not be true.

Rich Franklin vs Dan Henderson was officially announced but scrapped by the UFC due to it’s negative reception. Rich will now fight Vitor Belfort at UFC 103 (originally at 205 but now apparently at 195) and Dan Henderson will fight Anderson Silva for the middleweight title again, date pending on Silva’s fight against Forrest Griffin next weekend.

Kevin Iole floated the idea that a Strikeforce / Affliction merger fell apart last second because Strikeforce president Scott Coker was on vacation. According to Coker, that’s bullshit.

The 30 million dollar deal offered Fedor by the UFC was apparently a 30 million dollar MAX contract, meaning he could have made up to this amount based on whatever Dana’s mad pay per view scientists had estimated for the year 2012. No one knows for sure what the contract was, but we did establish that other top UFC guys make over 2 million a fight off well performing shows.

I really started thinking the sky was falling journalism wise when Fighters Only ‘falsely’ announced that Paul Daley and a huge number of other fighters had signed with the UFC. Denials were made all over the place, but it turns out that it was the denials which were bullshit – all an effort to keep the news hot for Dana White’s press conference.

And of course, Kimo is NOT dead.

There seems to be a growing number of stories being misrepresented accidentally and also on purpose. While we do our best to filter through the noise, it’s getting pretty fucking hard to figure out what’s true, false, and spin when half the people involved don’t know what’s happening themselves or are actively trying to deceive you.

Thus far I think this site has been doing an okay job keeping shit straight (especially considering our primary purpose is dick and fart jokes), but I did want to comment on the glut of true / false / yes / no news and say it has been driving us just as crazy as you and we’re trying our best to keep the bullshit detector running at as high a level as possible.

There’s an important lesson to be learned in all this: what’s being said is almost less important than who’s saying it. Try to be aware of how fight (and website) politics are starting to shape how news is released and disseminated. And let’s be clear, this goes towards all things: Affliction claiming they’re gonna be around for a long time to come, Bloody Elbow saying they have the best rankings, EA claiming they’ve been working on an MMA game forever, the UFC’s leaked Fedor offer, M-1’s own view of the same thing, and on and on and on. Everyone sees a conflict from their own point of view, and the truth is often somewhere in the middle and can only be puzzled out over time.

Anyways, this is just an acknowledgment that it’s been a pretty retarded time for MMA news at the moment and it’s pretty frustrating not knowing what the fuck is going on. We’ll keep trying to puzzle out what’s happening and share it with you as more info comes out. The stuff we get wrong, we’ll update when we get the right info. Opposite views will continue to be linked as well. And there will continue to be dick and fart jokes for all!