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Clay Guida’s girlfriend

A bit round in the face but overall not too shabby for a greasy hippy! Actually he looks more like a caveman in that top picture. I’d call him the Geiko Caveman but Tony DeSouza owns that one … and really, it’s all poor Tony’s got left.

  • jazzn says:

    She’s cute.

  • garth says:

    she looks exactly like some actress from the eighties…who am i thinking of? good grief. Appropriate for him to date an actress or model from the 80’s, because he looks like the lead sing from INXS occasionally. They can ride around town in their Suzuki Samurai honking their horn twice and saying “Hi!”

  • Accomando says:

    “Greasy hippie”, Hillarious!

    I remember watching Guida’s first fight in the UFC and we were all laughing at him, but pulling for him at the same time because it said he fought out of Tinley Park, IL, a homestate guy.
    He is actually from Johnsburg, even closer to me. Anyway, we all thought he was the toughest hippie we had ever seen, so we were all were joking around as he is fighting that Justin James guy adding commentary that Guida would most likely say to the Justin James.
    Guida, with his tattoo’s & dirty hippie hair in all; so again, we were essentially adding commentary that…”most likely would have come out of Guida’s mouth”…as they were fighting.

    We came to the conclusion that Guida was a hardcore hippie that is done with the “peace-thing” and want’s retribution…..

    (guida)….”What the fuck dude, give me back that goo ball”…
    As James had him in an armbar.

    (guida)…”That fucking eichmann only has shwag.”…
    As he is GnP’ing James.

    (guida)…”Fucker ate the roach”….
    As Guida was choking him out.

    There was more and it was a lot funnier at the time. Anyway, Guida is the man, Go Carpenter!

  • everything is funnier when alcohol and fighting are involved :-) Garth, you fucking kill me!

  • jenn says:

    That is NOT Clays Girlfriend. His girlfriend was with him at UFC 76 and you’ll be seeing her around.

    That is his coaches girl!

  • jenn says:

    … and his real gf is a hottie! i got to take a picture with her too.