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Clay Guida wins via leg hump

That fight went exactly as we thought it would: Clay Guida humped the shit out of Nate Diaz for three rounds and won a split decision. Nate did what he could to defend the epic hump he received, but in the end he spread about 5 minutes worth of dominating striking out across the entire fight. Why he didn’t do it all at once and maybe finish Guida off, I have no idea. In the third round it actually looked like Nate was going to come back and take the fight … he was boxing Clay up and pushing him along the fence. Then what did he do? Clinched up, and as soon as that happened the humping returned.

I don’t want to act like Clay’s humping wasn’t very impressive humping indeed. He showed excellent control and suffocated Diaz whenever they grappled. But at this point it’s painfully obvious that this control is all Guida has. His striking is still painfully bad, he can’t finish anyone on the feet, and even his ground and pound seems to be getting worse, not better.

Clay will always be a challenge to anyone – he’ll drag you to a split decision if you’re not careful. But the higher ups at 155 aren’t going to lose to him. Nate’s loss to Guida basically pushes him back down a level, which ain’t exactly a bad thing. A few more fights against middle of the pack fighters, and I think he’ll be ready for a title run down the road.